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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Lifehouse Maternity Home

Q. Are you affiliated with any church or denomination?

We are a Christian organization but are not affiliated with any single church or denomination. The Lifehouse program includes daily devotional time and Bible studies. Residents attend a local church of their choice.

Q. What is the cost for staying there?

Lifehouse services, including a place to live, are offered free of charge to all young women. If they are old enough to work, we help them secure employment. Once they are receiving a paycheck, they are asked to contribute 10 percent back to Lifehouse, along with meeting their other financial obligations, including saving for their future. Our focus is on teaching young women to become self-sufficient.

A woman sitting across the table from her therapist, receiving mental health counselling.

Q. Do I have to place my baby for adoption?

Our staff and private counselors work with each resident so that she can determine the best plan for herself and for her child. Those who choose to make an adoption plan work with an attorney whom provides the services free of charge to Lifehouse residents.

Q. Can I stay in school?

Those young women who have not completed high school will work on obtaining their GED. For those with a high school diploma, employment is required, and many of our residents balance work with furthering their education.

Q. What is expected of a resident?

Honesty and a willingness to work the program. Lifehouse can help young women who have an open heart and an open mind, and ready to transform their lives.

Q. How long can I stay there?

Residents who continue to make progress in the program can stay up to four years. In addition to the maternity program, we have transitional apartments for women who are not yet ready to live independently. These apartments are open to qualified residents after they have given birth and are working full time, and/or going to school- whether they are parenting or have made an adoption plan.

Q. Can my boyfriend visit?

During the first 30 days in the Lifehouse program, visits are restricted. We realize that to make positive changes in her life a young woman needs to be free of outside distractions. After this initial period, visitors who are approved and meet with our counselor may visit with residents in the common area of the house.

Q. If I have other children, are they allowed to live at Lifehouse with me?

We would love to invite each child to accompany his/her parent to Lifehouse because it is not our intention to divide the family. Due to the rigorous program, and space limitations, only mom and baby after it is born can stay at Lifehouse. Lifehouse has partnered with Safe Harbor, which is an organization that finds loving, Christian families to care for the older children while mothers work to become self-sufficient. These families work with our residents and strive to make a smooth transition by providing unlimited, yet a sensible amount of calls and visits. Safe Harbor is not foster care. You will maintain full custody and rights to your children.

Q. Do you offer immediate shelter?

Lifehouse is not a homeless shelter. We are a program that focuses on providing spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual support.

Q. How long does the application process take?

We look at each applicant on an individual basis. Once you have completed the application and passed a background check, you will meet with our counselor and together determine if Lifehouse is a good fit for you, and if you are a good fit for Lifehouse. If we can’t help you, we can refer you to other programs that may provide the help you need. We ask potential residents to think and pray over their options after they have met with us, so it can take several days before a move-in decision is reached.