About Us


About The Program

The Lifehouse program is designed to help women discover God’s love for them and their children, learn how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and what the Bible teaches about life, and also to discern God’s plan and purpose for their life and for the life of their baby. Many of the women who come to Lifehouse for help have been mistreated, neglected and abandoned by many people. Lifehouse wants to introduce each woman to the One who loves them with an unending and perfect love and who will never abandon them … Jesus Christ.

It is the hope and prayer of Lifehouse staff and volunteers that each woman who comes to Lifehouse will commit her life to and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so that when she completes the Lifehouse program and embarks on the rest of her life, she will know that her Heavenly Father is with her everywhere she goes. For personal interview for possible admittance call 502-897-1655 and ask to speak with someone about the requirements for admission into our program.

How Are We Different?

Some organizations focus on pregnancy counseling and some help with temporary shelter from an abusive situation, while others offer various forms of financial and educational assistance.  You may be surprised to learn that no other organization offers the holistic, residential programs and services found at Lifehouse.

The approach that Lifehouse residents find does not focus on how to obtain free material items; rather, our focus is on teaching young women to become self-sufficient.  We realize that to truly impact lives on a long-term basis, multiple areas must be addressed.  Beginning with the most basic issues (food and housing), Lifehouse expands into life-skills training that involves personal financial training/planning, educational assistance, job search/placement, and counseling.  Our goal is to form the woman as a whole — emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  By focusing on multiple developmental areas, Lifehouse will make a lasting difference in the lives of the women who choose to follow our proven program … a voluntary program.

Lifehouse services, including a place to live, are offered free of charge to all young women.  If they are old enough to work, we help them secure employment.  Once they are receiving a paycheck, they are asked to contribute 10 percent back to Lifehouse, along with meeting their other financial obligations, including saving for their baby and their future.  At Lifehouse, we believe this encourages them to become responsible.  For the women too young to be employed, our main focus is on their education.  For those who have high school diplomas, employment is mandatory.

Expectations are set for the women at Lifehouse, while at the same time providing an important safety net.  Our approach enables us to position Lifehouse as a full-service maternity home.  As part of the Christ-centered home environment, our house mothers, who also live 24/7 at Lifehouse, interact with the women daily, ensuring that everyone is on schedule, that personal issues are being addressed, and that the environment is both comfortable and safe.  Whether it’s having dinner together or going shopping, our house mothers help to establish lasting bonds that some of the young mothers may have never experienced in their pasts.  Lifehouse sees this as an important element of overall development.

Finally, Lifehouse is proud of the fact that it exists and functions without any government funding.  This independence allows us to tailor the approach based on our objectives, without unnecessary interference or control.  During the past years, we have been amazed at the support given, both locally and from individuals across the country.  Because we truly believe that our mission reflects God’s intention and desire, Lifehouse is confident that donations will continue to enable us to reach out to young women and help them to move forward toward a more positive and brighter future, for them and their child, regardless of their background.  If their spirit is willing, Lifehouse is able.

If you would like to join us in our Lifehouse ministry by making a donation, we ask that you visit our ‘Support’ page to make an online donation today, or mail your check to us at Lifehouse (see address below).  If you would like to volunteer, or if you have any questions, please contact our office at 502-897-1655 and speak to Nani Singleton our Program Director.

In addition, consider visiting our residence and take a tour of our facilities.  We would love to meet you.  Contact us to schedule a time for your visit.  Your interest and generosity are greatly appreciated.  And, most importantly … pray!  Your prayers are vital to our Lifehouse ministry.