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About Lifehouse

Our Unique Approach & Program

Lifehouse, located in Louisville, KY, is a program participantial program based on Christian principles and guidance. We incorporate proven methods and practices and welcome a diverse population of pregnant women and teens from across the United States.

Many of the young women come to Lifehouse with histories of addictions, homelessness, incarceration, physical and mental abuse, neglect, undiagnosed and untreated mental health issues, self-harm, suicide attempts, human trafficking, various eating disorders, poor nutrition and a variety of other medical conditions.  Due to all of these factors, 100% of these women are considered to have a high-risk pregnancy.

  • 100% of all babies born to mothers in the Lifehouse program have been healthy and drug-free
  • 95% of our mothers complete their high school diploma or GED
  • 50% go onto college or vocational programs

We are committed to meeting our program participants varying needs in order to support them throughout their pregnancy, so they deliver a healthy baby. Through learning and accepting God’s unconditional love and healing power, our Mothers are better prepared to parent their child in a loving, healthy Christian way.

grandmother and baby granddaughter intimate time side view