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You Can Do It!

Stephanie’s Story

A place to call home

At the age of two, Stephanie’s mom left her to be raised by her single father who was in the military. She did not have a relationship with her birth mother until she was expelled from high school for behavioral issues and moved across the country to live with her.

Stephanie went from living with a strict parent to one who had never been a parent and didn’t have rules. At 19, after ending a long-term relationship, Stephanie discovered she was pregnant from a brief rebound relationship.

The baby’s father wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. Distant relatives in Kentucky offered to help, so she moved to a new city with people she barely knew. They pushed her to choose adoption. Adamant about parenting her unborn child, her relatives said “We don’t know how to help you” and brought her to Lifehouse.

Feeling abandoned and confused, Stephanie did not like life at Lifehouse. She had become accustomed to having no rules or responsibilities, and the transition was hard.

stephanie and her son

In hindsight, eleven years later, Stephanie recognizes her time at Lifehouse as a pivotal moment in her life. She had a safe place to live and caring House Moms to help learn to care for a colicky newborn. Although it did not take root immediately, a seed for her true faith was planted and she renewed her Baptism in 2016. She met her longtime best friend and her son’s Godmother at Lifehouse. Most importantly she found acceptance and the push she needed to stand on her own two feet. The staff informed her about her options of adoption and parenting, and when she expressed her determination to parent, Lifehouse encouraged her decision by responding, “You can do it and we can show you how.”

Since leaving Lifehouse, Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Science degree from U of L. Her son is now in the 5th grade, loves to read, ride his bike, and wants to compete in the X Games someday. He says his favorite thing about his mom is “She’s smart.” Today, Stephanie has a wonderful relationship with her Dad and (step) Mom. She is grateful for all the opportunities Lifehouse provided for her and her son’s future. Thanks to Lifehouse supporters like you, many women like Stephanie are able to find a safe haven where they are not forced to make decisions that are not their own. They are able to find acceptance and are encouraged to pursue a wonderful future for themselves and their child.

“Lifehouse gave me the push I needed.
They encouraged me to know that I can do this, I am strong.
It was a safe place to call home after the birth of my son.”

– Stephanie