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Lifehouse Maternity Home

A Safe Place for Women and Teens
Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy

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Lifehouse Maternity Home is a safe home where women and teens in crisis can find hope and healing.

Lifehouse addresses the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of pregnant and parenting women by transforming their lives through the healing touch of Christ.

Our goal is to help end the cycle of abuse, neglect, generational poverty and social services dependency of pregnant and parenting women.

The Lifehouse Approach

Lifehouse is a three-part program of planning and preparing for baby, planning and preparing for the future, transition and aftercare. The priority in each step of our program is the positive growth of each program participants.

You Do Not Have to Feel Alone or Scared

At Lifehouse Maternity Home, our Christ-centered home environment provides you with a safe place to live, emotional support, prenatal care, and a loving team to guide you into becoming the mother and woman God plans for you to be.

Lifehouse Maternity Home

2710 Riedling Dr,
Louisville, KY 40206

(502) 897-1655