2017 Year End Review

To our Staff, Donors, and Volunteers;

2017 has been an interesting year at Lifehouse. So much has happened, and some days we question if we are making a difference. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day operations, planning, networking, and fundraising. Sometimes we all lose sight of the impact Lifehouse is having on our mothers and babies.

We have had 25 ladies check in this year, and even if they were only here for a day, a week, or a month, we have to believe that they were here for a reason, if only for a short while. We were a chapter in their God stories.

It’s easy to get discouraged, so I wanted to try to encourage you with some positives. There are some who really do learn some life skills, learn about God, learn what healthy relationships look like, and who truly want to do it right.   So we’ve compiled a list of some accomplishments for 2017.

We have had:

25 ladies check in

4 Babies born

2 Babies adopted

4 Ladies started college

2 past residents graduated from college this year

1 got her H.S. diploma

1 resident has lost 62 lbs (and counting)

Several ladies are in AA and have a combined sobriety of over 5 years

4 residents make too much money for food stamps anymore.

1 came to a saving knowledge of Christ

1 resident left here with $4,000 saved

Many of our past residents continue to call, write, or stop by. This is a huge success as they consider us an important part of their life – part of their extended family.

Behind the scenes there are those ladies in the office who keep our finances in order (both for the organization and who help our residents stay on budget), and those ladies that meet and greet companies and individuals to raise money or to update our websites, blogs, or newsletters. And then there is Joan who deals with adoptions and all things legal and who is the face of Lifehouse.

All the residents have been blessed by Christmas gifts and other gifts throughout the year too numerous to mention.

None of us by ourselves are able to do all this. It is a collective effort. We have a great team.

So be encouraged. You ARE making a difference. Keep doing what you are doing. It’s working. THANK YOU.


Nani Singleton

Program Manager

Lifehouse Maternity Home