A Community for Teens, Women & Families Facing Unexpected Pregnancy

The teens and young women living at Lifehouse come from unique backgrounds.  The common thread is that they have made the choice to give birth to their babies.  You may want to learn to parent your child or you may decide to place your baby for adoption.  Either way, we are achieving one of our primary goals – Life.

Lifehouse doesn’t accept outside, government funding.  We exist solely on generous donations.

While you are here, you’ll be surrounded by a group of loving women and mentors focused on helping you to become a confident, independent and successful woman.  You’ll make lasting friendships and learn very quickly that you’re not in this by yourself.  You’re among friends here.

As part of your healing and growth, you may be confronting emotional scars and even trauma from your past.  We have a full-time counselor on staff to help you to cope with this critical issues.  Lifehouse is a safe community where you can begin to thrive.  You’ll learn to provide for yourself and your child.

Does Lifehouse sound like the right environment for you?  The first step is simple.  Contact Lifehouse to begin your journey.  We want to learn about your situation, talk with you about our program and arrange a tour at our Louisville maternity home.  You can contact us online, or give us a call at (502) 897-1655.  Your comments are confidential.