We Love You Dearly

We Love you dearly and hold each and every Lifehouse Staff deeply in our hearts.

Wow! Is all that I can say, because my mind is still at work trying to wrap around the many blessings God has sent our way.

Amina and I have been blessed beyond expectations and the love that each of you have for us has shown through with great magnitude, a true reflection of the love Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for blessing my little Angel, Amina by choosing her as one of the children to be sponsored by Louisville Pharmacy. My oh my, was she ever blessed ☺. She has been given gifts that I could never have given her. Yet God is so amazing, full of grace and love, that He made what would have been an unimaginable experience an experience that I will forever hold in my heart.

Thank you Lifehouse for all that you do, and will do in the years to follow.

My prayer is that more and more women (and men) are empowered by the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and the chain of poverty, due to the overstimulating growth of women becoming pregnant out of wed-lock is broken. By saving one mother and child at a time, as Lifehouse does, this can become reality. Because each woman that exits these doors will be empowered and can empower others with the love you have shown us.

Please continue to become blessings to others as you have been to my daughter and I.

Love Always,

Amina & Nikki ☺

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