This is my story

“I am so thankful to God and to the Lifehouse program’s staff. The past few months were very sad and harmful to me, and I felt like the world was about to fall in around me. I cried every day and night because of the problems I was getting into. I was pregnant. I’ve been through many hard things, and I never thought I could get help, but one never knows about unexpected blessings.

One Wednesday morning I was about to step into an abortion clinic … even though I didn’t want to. And, I didn’t, thanks to the words of a precious woman named Angela Minter. After speaking with her, my feelings toward my unborn child grew stronger. That’s why I felt brave enough to cross the street to go into A Woman’s Choice, against my family’s wishes.

A Woman’s Chioce is a place that helps pregnant women in their time of need. Thanks to another lady I met there, Mrs. Lynn, I was able to see my baby for the first time through an ultrasound. I felt special because she was encouraging me to give life, something that is unforgettable.

Mrs. Lynn and Mrs. Angela helped me the best way they could. They brought me to a wonderful place called Lifehouse. There my baby and I are going to be taken care of. It’s a place that pregnant girls and young mothers can live until they are on their own. Everyone there pitches in to cook, clean and take care of the chores. We are like family. We have movie night and game night, and we also have Bible study every Wednesday. On the weekends I can go to my own home, or I can have visitors if there are no planned activities.
I’ve only been at Lifehouse a few days, but I’ve already received help from the house mothers, Mrs. Joan and Ms. Sarah. They have me already attending Westport T.A.P.P. School and looking forward to my future as a mother. Hopefully, there are more blessings on the horizon.

This is my story, and I hope you understand and believe that God is good and He never leaves you alone. He is always with you and, when you need His help, He will always find the best way to fix your problems. I learned that, if you ask for God’s help, He will help no matter what your situation may be.”

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