Give It a Chance and Give It Time

Sarah found out about Lifehouse from the Bullitt County Health Department when she was seeking Health Insurance for a broken ankle. She was also pregnant and essentially homeless, living with friends and family. They provided her with three numbers to call, one of which was Lifehouse.

Even though she called in the evening, she was thankful that Joan was still there. Joan set up a meeting the next day, and she moved into Lifehouse the following week. At that point she was 13 weeks pregnant. Lifehouse was able to help her navigate through the insurance hurdles.

She had a baby girl who is now 9.5 months old and is amazing. She is all over the place, extroverted, unlike her mom who is more quiet. She loves to dance, is into everything, and usually happy “unless hungry or teething”. She has started pulling herself up recently.

Sarah was a bit scared the first week, being in a new place, and having to learn the various personalities. However, the second weekend, her dad visited her, and gave her pregnancy books and books with baby names. He said he was proud of her for coming there, and she was able to move forward then.

Learning to get along without sleep was difficult at first. It took a couple of months for her baby to sleep through the night. And this added to some of the postpartum effects. But Lifehouse was able to recognize what was happening and help her through it.

The Lifehouse residents take turns cooking dinner. They’re on their own for breakfast and lunch, and one person will own the cooking task for a week at a time. Everyone helps clean up after the meal.

The most rewarding part of being there? “I love seeing my baby smile or discovering something new. Sometimes she even mimics her mom, like the way she points her finger!” Sarah is also thankful for the other women there who truly understand where she has been. They’re also there to help with the baby if she needs to take a nap or is sick. She is grateful that they are in a safe, protected place.

Sarah is 28 years old, works two days a week, is in college and is studying computer maintenance. Within five years, she hopes to be finished with school, working at a good job, and have her own home and car.

Her advice – “Don’t expect results to change in a week. Give it a chance and give it time. Lifehouse is an awesome place to get your life back together. My life is completely different from where I was 18 months ago.”

She is looking forward to the new addition that will offer transitional apartments for women who have already had their babies and are ready for the next step.

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