Are We Walking the Talk?

Not too long after I first started working at Lifehouse, I had an interesting conversation with one of our young residents. I had taken her to an appointment, and afterward we stopped at a nearby grocery store. With our shopping completed and groceries loaded into the car, I looked both ways and began easing out of my parking spot. Suddenly a car whizzed by in front of us, but fortunately I was able to put on my brakes and stop just in time without an accident.

My young friend sitting next to me exclaimed, “I just don’t understand you Christians!” I was somewhat taken aback by her comment, not really comprehending what she was saying. When I asked her to explain, this is what she said, “If that had been me, I would have honked my horn, cursed at her and flipped her off.” I was dumbfounded at her thoughts. It never occurred to me to respond in any other way except to brake, let the offender pass by, and be on my way.

If I truly am a follower of Christ, then my life should reflect His life. I never know when someone is watching me, wondering if I really believe what I say. Living for Jesus is not always an easy task but, with God’s help through prayer and Bible study, I’m on the right path. What a difference we can make in the lives of these young girls and women.

Lifehouse is a safe haven for these battered and torn lives, as well as their children and unborn babies. It is also an opportunity to teach them about Jesus. The most important decision they could ever make is to choose Him as Lord and Savior. I know without a doubt that God is smiling down on this very special mission field called Lifehouse.

In Christ’s love,
Rita Diane Lewis

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