Take a Tour

Lifehouse isn’t just for teens and women in the Louisville area.  We regularly receive calls from all over Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and as far away as Texas.  We have a unique program to offer to women experiencing a crisis pregnancy, an unplanned pregnancy, or who want to have a better foundation for their unborn child and themselves. We also provide adoption counseling if you feel that’s the best option for you.

The biggest question may simply be:  Is Lifehouse Right for Me?

The easiest way to begin answering this question is to arrange a tour of our home.  Some young women come by themselves, others bring family members and trusted friends. Our online, video tour is coming soon.

When you visit Lifehouse, you’ll get a real sense of the community we’ve build.  It’s an extended family of women and mentors.  You’ll see the bedrooms, the living areas, and be able to meet some of the staff and residents.

We have a warm, safe and welcoming environment.  There’s usually a lot going on, but we’re confident you’ll find a place to call HOME.  You may be here for a few months before you give birth.  You might decide to stay here as you plan your future.  There are apartment units available.  Our residents can stay at Lifehouse Maternity Home for up to 4 years.

If you’re feeling scared, alone, confused…it’s okay.

We know this is the beginning of a long journey.  Our group of House Moms, staff and residents are ready to help.  We want you to become a confident, independent and successful woman.  That journey begins with a simple phone call or email.

To schedule a tour, call (502) 897-1655 and ask to speak with someone about arranging your visit.  This may be the home you’ve been searching for.