A Feel-Good Christmas Story- Lifehouse Style

A Feel-Good Christmas Story-Lifehouse Style

Imagine for a moment what it must feel like to come to Lifehouse pregnant, scared, alone, and knowing no one. If you were to come here, how would you feel? Would you be glad to have a safe place to call home? Would you be nervous about meeting new women? Perhaps you would feel unsure about leaving your friends and family to make a better life for you and your baby.

This week, we had a new resident join us. That first day at Lifehouse is always busy. From unpacking, to introductions, to paperwork, the first day is a big day. While Natalie was settling into her new home at Lifehouse, the other residents were attending a single-women’s Christmas celebration at Southeast Christian Church’s Oldham County Campus. The ladies each received a gift-package with a variety of items in it. Our women were so thankful for these gifts!

In the midst of their crises, they were shown the love of Christ through these gifts. The peace and joy of Christmas truly settled in their hearts.

Before the girls got back to the house, they realized Natalie would be the only one without a gift. Without being asked, the girls, who are like family, took one item from their packages to make a package for Natalie. Some of them had not even met her yet. But they knew what Natalie must be feeling and going through. They have walked in her shoes. They didn’t want her to feel alone, scared, or ignored, so they took the initiative to make sure that didn’t happen.

The staff at Lifehouse was completely touched by this story, as we see firsthand what many of these women have been through. How easy would it have been for them to keep their gifts to themselves? After all, several of them came to Lifehouse with nothing. Who would blame them for keeping their gifts to themselves? But this was not the case with this group of women.

Many of our past residents will tell you that the women they met at Lifehouse became their family. Several of them would also tell you that the family they met at Lifehouse was the first real family they have ever had.

What a beautiful gift these women have given Natalie. Not only did they give her a beautiful package, but they welcomed her with open arms into their family. There was no judgment and no questions asked, just the way Christ welcomes us all with open arms.

Natalie became part of the Lifehouse family that day, and the hearts of our residents have officially lit our house with the light and spirit of Christmas.

If you are pregnant and want to become part of the Lifehouse family, contact us today. (502)897-1655