45th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade-What I Would Regret Not Saying

I have some really strong opinions about Roe. Vs. Wade. I also have some really strong opinions about using the right platform and the right wording to express these opinions. Sometimes, especially on days like today on the 45th anniversary, I find myself visualizing sharing my opinions in front of Congress or in large auditorium filled with people that may be open to hearing what I have to say. I don’t have any new scientific findings, studies with impressive numbers, or staggering statistics. But what I do have is a perspective that I can only hope will change the minds and hearts of others.

The likelihood of those speaking platforms being available to me in the near future is slim, although, I still have high hopes I can effectively use my voice to make significant changes one day. In fact, that is my ultimate goal. But sometimes I wonder if I died tomorrow and didn’t get to speak up, would I regret it? The answer is yes. So I am sharing now, the speech I hope to still be able to still share in the future (with some fine tuning I’m sure).

Good Evening;

What I have to say to you is fairly brief. I have no science or research to present that is going to blow your minds. I am not a doctor, nor a scientist, and I will never claim to be a mathematician. I don’t have gruesome pictures of babies being aborted, video footage catching Planned Parenthood officials in lies, or voice recordings of abortion clinic employees coaxing mothers into a decision.

In our world today, how easy is it to stand somewhere with a sign sharing your views on women’s rights? Pretty easy. Emotional for some? Sure. But definitely feasible. What about social media? Is it easy for you to write a well-versed article of why you believe in abortion? Probably so. What about even speaking on a news station, sharing why abortion should not be taken away from women? I am guessing it wouldn’t be too terribly difficult. And probably the easiest thing you could do is fire back at someone on social media when they post their own pro-life article or story – after all, hiding behind the screen has proven to take our society down to a level to which some would never stoop. All of those tasks? Pretty manageable for the majority of people I know.

But let me ask you this: To all of you rejoicing in abortion, advocating for women to go to clinics at their leisure, and high-fiving each other for the number of abortions under your belt….

Could you walk into my home, look into the eyes of my 2 beautiful adopted children, and tell them that their lives were optional? Could you go into my daughter’s room, doused in pink bedspreads, stuffed animals and carefully colored My Little Pony pictures and tell her, “Hey, this world would have been just fine without you”? Could you walk into my son’s room, go to his crib as he’s singing to himself every morning, and tell him that no one would have even known who he was or what he looked like, and that was just fine with you? Could you tell my 2 children that their lives were optional, and had their mothers made the other choice, no one would have known the difference?

I bet you couldn’t. Because I believe that everyone knows what’s right and what’s wrong, but for some reason, the sanctity of human life has become a laughing matter. Deep down, I don’t know a soul who could follow through with that – and if you could, we’re better off not knowing each other. You see, I don’t hold anything against pro-abortion advocates, because I don’t believe them. I don’t believe they would feel that way if it were their own lives, their children’s lives, or their grandchildren’s lives on the line.

On this 45th anniversary of Roe. Vs. Wade, I am grateful for the perspective I have gained, and I realize that this is a privilege. My children are miracles created in the image of God, as we all are. They surpassed the odds and didn’t become a statistic, and they have 2 courageous birthmothers to thank for that. I will continue to pray that every baby being considered for abortion can be seen as I see my children-they are real, they have eyes, they have hearts, they have names, but most of all, they have life.

Thank you.

~Michelle Bourke

Adoption Advocate




Donor Relations Director, Lifehouse Maternity Home