What Does 2018 Hold for Lifehouse?

What does 2018 hold for Lifehouse?

If only I could look into a crystal ball and see the year ahead! Maybe that would be good or maybe not. I believe all we have is today and just this moment to do our best. We never know what that next moment will bring in our lives. To me living life to the fullest is living for the moment, yet preparing, as best we can for the future. So that is how I am preparing for the future of Lifehouse.

What I know for certain is that God has been by our side from day one in developing Lifehouse, and I am certain that He will be by our side for the next 365 days. He is faithful and has surrounded me with people who are much more knowledgeable in areas of business, finance, development, etc. than I.

Now as I plan, as a humble child of His, to lead Lifehouse through 2018, I see many opportunities to serve and teach more young women to better understand their responsibility as a mother. I do not know who the young women will be or just what their stories will be. I am confident that, if they are willing, our Lifehouse staff will be able to help direct them to make the right choice for themselves and their unborn child. Will they always follow our guidance? No. But will they learn from our guidance? Certainly.

Lifehouse Louisville is now the “perfect” size, and no new building additions are planned. I pray we are able to effectively help plant at least one additional Lifehouse Maternity Home in Kentucky-doubling the number of babies and mothers saved. If God wishes I pray we might even be able to help two cities in Kentucky with the Lifehouse model-tripling the numbers saved!

I know for certain that God will be sending us women who desperately need Lifehouse and this ministry. I know that not all of them will be open to what we have to offer, willing to follow the rules, or exercise enough personal discipline to remain in our program. For those who are willing, along with our amazing staff, I am certain we will have many wonderful young women coming into Lifehouse and working all areas of our program. Healthy babies being born, and several babies are being adopted because their moms know they are not ready to be responsible parents and their children deserve better than what they can provide.

With God by our side, a dedicated and faithful staff, and amazing volunteers, I guarantee some beautiful stories will be written.

-Joan Smith

Founder and Executive Director